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  • Bead Changes and New Sets!

    Beads Changes:

    Bead of the Steadfast Defender 3 > 2% Melee Block
    Bead of the Ardent Defender 3 > 2% Range Block
    Bead of the Reckless 3 > 2% Critical Chance
    Bead of Accuracy 3 > 2% Hitrate
    Bead of Evasion 2 > 1 Parry
    Bead of Clarity 3 > 2% Cast Time
    Bead of Focused Power 2 > 1% Cast Time | 10 > 20 Magic Dmg
    Precious Bead of Clarity 7 > 3% Cast Time
    Precious Bead of Focused Power 4 > 2% Cast Time
    Precious Bead of the Steadfast Defender 7 > 3% Melee Block
    Precious Bead of the Ardent Defender 7 > 3% Range Block
    Precious Bead of the Reckless 7 > 3% Critical Chance
    Precious Bead of Accuracy 7 > 3% Hitrate
    Precious Bead of Evasion 5 > 3 Parry
    Precious Bead of Fortitude 10 > 2% HP | 5% DEF Added

    Bead of Malice added (1% PvM Dmg)
    Bead of Winds removed
    Precious Bead of the Winds removed

    You need now Bead of Malice + Precious Bead of Malice = Sacred Bead of Bubble.
    You need now Bead of Accuracy + Precious Bead of Accuracy = Sacred Bead of Shade's Torment.

    Lvl 1 Bead cost 20 Red Chips / 2m Penya
    Lvl 2 Bead cost 40 Red Chips
    Lvl 3 Bead can be found in the Wilds Dungeon
    Pick Up Pet Upgrade Scroll cost 100m Penya / 299 DPs
    Bead Slot key cost 200 Red Chips / Drop it in the Wilds Dungeon

    New Hero Sets for lvl 121H: (Coming in the Custom Colosseum)

    Atk +10%
    Attack Speed +20%
    Critical Chance +10%
    Critical Dmg +60%

    Critical Dmg +30%
    Critical Chance +25%
    Hitrate +10%
    Str +20

    Critical Dmg +60%
    Critical Chance +20%
    Atk +10%
    Str +20

    Hp +20%
    Block +20%
    Def +22%

    Atk +10%
    Attack Speed +15%
    Critical Chance +10%
    Critical Dmg +60%

    Atk +10%
    Attack Speed +15%
    Critical Chance +10%
    Critical Dmg +60%

    Cast +30%
    INT +20
    Atk +10%
    Magic Dmg +100

    Hp +20%
    Block +20%
    Def +22%

    Tell us please what you think about the changes.
    Published on: 09-01 12:33

  • Merry Christmas

    We wish you all a Merry Christmas and many gifts! :shy:
    Published on: 24-12 13:59

  • New Patcher

    The old Patcher doesnt work any more.

    Here you find the new Patcher.
    Download it and put it into your Folder.

    Published on: 12-10 20:28

  • New donation option, PayGol!

    ╔════════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ════════╗

    Hello NoFlyff!

    ╚════════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ════════╝

    It has came to our attention that some countries do not support paypal or paysafecard but that did not stop some of you for helping us keep the server up and running!

    We did our research and we have found an option that should be suitable for everyone. PayGol has now been added as a donation option on our website. LINK

    If some of you would still like to support NoFlyff but there is no donation option that allows you to do so, please don't hesitate to ask and we can find an option for your country.

    ━━━━━━━━━━ ◦ ❈ ◦ ━━━━━━━━━━
    Thanks to everyone,
    NoFlyff Staff
    Published on: 08-10 15:52

  • Pre Patchnotes XX.01.2017

    The next patch will contain:
    • Wind B Card fix
    • Fixed the droprate bug (online now)
    Published on: 2017-01-18 22:08

  • Patchnotes 18.01.2017

    Server back online! :D

    • C Card Spawn Event changed > C Card Collect Event (You can Collect them now in the Collector field) (Because of the Crashes)
    • ABC Minigame added to Jeff
    • World Boss Element def increased by 20%
    • DPS System changed to %.
    • Friendship added to the Farm Map Box!
    • Jester 1on1 PvM dmg increased (you dont have to use a bow now)

    Event Shop refilled:
    • Silver Battery added for 350 Dps
    • Golden Battery added for 600 Dps

    Vote Shop changes:
    • Cooper Battery added for 8 Vps

    Kebaras [Farm map] changes:
    • Gingerbread added to the drops
    • Christmas Cake added to the drops
    • Droprate increased by 10% for Weapons
    • NoChip droprate increased by 10%

    Worldboss changes:
    • Defense to all dmg increased by 20%
    • Skills dmg increased by 20%
    • Normal atk dmg increased by 10%
    • 1 new very strong Skill added (5% chance)
    • Sweet Mini Clockwork new skills added

    Balance Updates:
    • Wind Card B changed to 2% Speed
    • Wind Card A changed to 3% Speed
    Published on: 2017-01-17 15:29

  • Patchnotes 12.01.2017

    • Asalbats removed
    • Block rate reduced back to before the last Patch
    • New miniboss added lvl 100 with 10 HP and you only can hit him with 1 Dmg (Its a Mini Clockwork)

    Other stuff:
    • Gift Ticket is now stackable (9999)
    • Lord Vote fixed at master
    • Lot of things for our colosseum prepared for next patches

    Guild Siege:
    • 1on1 Guild Siege set to Friday 6pm (server time)
    • 1on1 Guild Siege waiting time reduced to 3min
    • 1on1 Guild Siege Red Chip x3
    • Guild Siege waiting time reduced
    • You get now lvl 15 buffs in Guild Siege
    Published on: 2017-01-10 11:40

  • Patchnotes 09.01.2017

    • Mystical Bead Box & Mystical Accessory Box fixed (Boxes you can find in the Crystal Labyrinth)
    • Santa & G/H/A Weapon Exchanger removed
    • Elixir of Stone and Elixir of Evasion description fixed
    • Aimed Shot dmg reduced (by 30%~)
    • Merkaba Hanzelrusha dmg increased (Ringmaster AoE Skill)
    • Event shop removed
    • You can use Geburah Tiphreth on yourself now
    • Scroll of lvl 61 and Sets fixed
    • Continent allocation changed for Guildhouse (Guildhouse tax is now going to Darkon)
    • Summer Island Monster Blockrate reduced by 30%
    • Crystal Labyrinth Pyramids Blockrate reduced by 99%
    • World Boss HP increased by 500M
    • World Boss got a Element now
    • Some skills changed (World Boss, Kheldor, Drakul)
    • To see the sum of your Damage you did use /ShowDMG and /HideDMG
    • Ranger range DMG just for rangers fixed
    • Smal bug fixes
    • Some texts changed
    • How to get Party Buffs changed
    • Guild Level Increased to lvl 100 (120 Members)
    • Asalbat´s added to World Boss ( Kill them or you are dead :p)
    Have fun on NoFlyff!
    Published on: 2017-01-02 13:31

  • Patchnotes 31.12.2016

    • much things for our new colosseum system which follows later
    • bead droprate fixed
    • Ancient One-Hand Sword > Ancient Two-Hand Sword (Only name changed)
    • Windfield removed in Animus, Cursed Animus and Crystal Labyrinth Boss.
    • New Skill added to Animus, Cursed Animus and Crystal Labyrinth Boss.
    • 2 New Skills added to Crystal Labyrinth Boss.
    • 2 New Boxes added to the Arena Bosses! (kill them to get them!)
    Published on: 2016-12-27 14:46

  • ABC Event!

    Event is from now - 31.01.2017!

    The Minigame is coming in the next Patch!

    Where can i find the A B C Cards?

    A Cards: You get them from the Stay Online Event every hour!
    B Cards: You get them from all Monsters lvl 15+
    C Cards: You can Collect them in the Collector Field! :D

    What can i do with this Cards?

    You can go to Jeff and play a Minigame.

    What can i get from the Minigame?

    Rock-Paper-Scissors Coupon Pieces
    Scroll of Holy
    Pink Balloon
    Yellow Balloon
    Blue Balloon
    Red Scroll 1 Day
    The Seeds of Love
    Azria Ticket 1 Day
    Premium Pick Up pet Scroll 3 Day
    Premium Scroll 3 Day
    [RARE] ABC No-Flyff Event Cloak
    Published on: 13-01 14:55

  • Stay Online Event! :D

    Stay Online Event! (Online now)

    Stay 1 Hour Online and get 1x A Card!

    Event is till 31.01.17!

    In the Coming patch we add a Exchanger for Gift Tickets!

    Exchange Items:

    3 Day Prem Scroll
    3 Day Prem Pick Up Pet Scroll
    Stay Online Event Cloak

    More items you can see ingame soon :D
    Published on: 12-01 09:33

  • Like, Share & Comment Facebook Event!

    New Facebook Like, Share & Comment Event!

    What´s the Price?
    1. Place = 2k Donate Points + 14 Day Premium + 14 Day Premium Pick Up Scroll
    2. Place = 1.5k Donate Points + 3 Day Premium + 3 Day Premium Pick Up Scroll
    3. Place = 1k Donate Points + 1 Day Premium
    4. Place = 800 Donate Points
    5. Place = 500 Donate Points

    How can I participate?
    Like, Share & Comment this LINK! <-- Yes thats all! :D

    Event is till 1.2.2017!
    We pick 5 random peoples who win after the Event end´s.
    Published on: 11-01 13:40

  • Happy new year Event!

    New Year Event from 31.12.2016 - 08.01.2017

    Penya Rate x2

    You can drop in this time the following items:

    Premium Event Gift Box and some firework

    Premium Event Gift Box contains:
    2x Potion Box
    2x Scroll of Aprotect
    2x Scroll of Sprotect
    2x Event Moonstone
    2x Event Sunstone
    6x Scroll of Sprint
    2x Scroll of Reversion
    2x Scroll of Acquisition (Low)
    1x Azria Ticket (1Day)
    1x Extra Bag (30 Days)
    1x Scroll of Pet Revival (B Class)
    1x Scroll of Pet Revival (A Class)
    1x Scroll of Pet Revival (S Class)
    1x Riding Cloud (Sky Blue)
    1x Syila Hoverbike
    Published on: 02-01 14:31

  • Vote Site Ranking Event! Start 01.12.2016

    xtremetop100: 3. Place: xtremetop100
    gtop100: 11 Place: GTOP100
    topg: 4 Place: TOPG

    The next reset is on 01.01.2017!

    How it works?
    1. Vote for NoFlyff after the reset! (01.01.2017)
    2. If we get a good place you guys get a nice Event.



    Place 1: Special Drop Event & Summer Island Ticket Drop Event! for 1 week
    Place 2: Special Drop Event! (Some Boxes with new CS Clothes, Premium Items, Azria Tickets and more!) for 1 week

    gtop100: (For every place better then rank 11 you get a prize)

    Place 10: EXP & DROP & PENYA Event x1.1 for 1 week
    Place 9: EXP & DROP & PENYA Event x1.2 for 1 week
    Place 8: EXP & DROP & PENYA Event x1.4 for 1 week
    Place 7: EXP & DROP & PENYA Event x1.6 for 1 week
    Place 6: EXP & DROP & PENYA Event x1.8 for 1 week
    Place 5: EXP & DROP & PENYA Event x2 for 1 week
    Place 4: EXP & DROP & PENYA Event x2.2 for 1 week
    Place 3: EXP & DROP & PENYA Event x2.4 for 1 week
    Place 2: EXP & DROP & PENYA Event x2.6 for 1 week
    Place 1: EXP & DROP & PENYA Event x3 for 1 week

    Place 1: DROP Event x2 for 1 week
    Place 2: DROP Event x1.5 for 1 week
    Place 3: DROP Event x1.2 for 1 week
    Published on: 27-12 14:05

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