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Countdown to next Guildwar
News, Updates, Events

  • Patchlist Clear!

    Hey guys,

    we cleared the Patchlist! Maybe some Clients are outdated now! please Download the new Client!

    Client: Client Link!

    Thank you!
    Published on: 19-03 07:42

  • Patch List clear

    Hey guys,

    we want to clear our Patchlist and upload a new Client. (You dont have to patch over 6k Patches anymore)

    Please Patch till 16.03.2017 or you have to download the new Client!!

    Thank you :)

    NoFlyff Team!

    Published on: 09-03 12:46

  • Bot using

    We want to remeber you, that Bots are not allowed and will be punished with permanent bans. We currently improve our security systems against bots, the first useres are already baned.
    Published on: 13-02 00:14

  • NoFlyff Fresh Start 10.02.2017 5pm! SERVER ONLINE!!!

    Hey guys,

    we Wipe all characters on Thursday 09.02.2017! (You start with a empty Account)

    Server will be back Online on Friday 10.02.2017 5pm Server Time with the following features:

    • EXP Rate changed from 2 > 3
    • Cheer EXP changed from 2 > 1.1
    • Partner Lvling EXP with another IP from 1.1 > 1.2
    • Droprate of all Dungeons changed from 2 > 2.5
    • Tabbed Inventory
    • New Guild Duel System! (Forum Thread is coming soon)
    • Model change for Weapons now
    • Summer Island is now permanent
    • Collector Field changes
    • Monster Collect system changes
    • World Event System changes
    • Red chip rate increased in Siege
    • Beginner Items changed
    • Green > Ultimate Weapon chance increased by x2
    • Couple Level EXP Increased by x1.5
    • Carnival Event added
    • Guardian, Historic and Angel Dungeon Boss dmg reduced!
    • Dungeon cooldown increased by x2
    • Guild Furniture changed from 7 > 15 days
    • Bubble's EXP Crystal changed from 7 > 15 day
    • Bubble's EXP Crystal added +10% EXP
    • Siege Time changes: Monday: 7pm, Wednesday: 12noon, Thursday: 7pm, Saturday: 12noon! (Server Time)
    • Secret Room Darkon: You can buy now Red Chips for 500k ea
    • More changes coming..

    Vote Points:
    We wipe all Points on Monday 06.02.2017.
    You guys can start voting on Tuesday 07.02.2017!

    Fresh Start Facebook Event:
    You guys can win some nice Prices for the Server Start!! Link: Click Me!!

    Donate Points:
    PayPal & PayGol:
    ~75% of all donate points that were donated after 19 May 2016 will be refunded.You will automatically receive your points on your account.

    ~75% of all donate points that were donated after September 2016 will be refunded.
    You will automatically receive your points on your account.
    Published on: 10-02 15:55

  • Patchnotes 29.03.2017

    Patchnotes 29.03.2017:
    • New Varity System added (Only Vampire and Ancient Weapons) Link!
    • Guild Siege Timer added on our Homepage!
    • Varity Scroll added to the Red Chip shop (Changes your varity stats)
    • Rock Dungeon Boss added to the World Event list! (15% chance)
    • Puppet Boss added to the World Event list! (15% chance)
    • Fixed Heal over time on the knight weapons!
    Published on: 2017-03-29 12:30

  • Patchnotes 25.03.2017

    Event Informations:
    • Year One Event is coming on 25.03.2017! LINK!
    Rock Dungeon:
    • Drops added: Restate STR, DEX, INT, STA
    • Droprate increased by 15 Items! <--- drop increase by 45%!
    • Final Boss should spawn some mini muscle´s now!
    LG Dungeon:
    • Droprate for LG Weapons increased by 10%!
    Bloody Dungeon:
    • Droprate Increased by 1 item! > increased by 12,5%!
    World Boss Changes:
    • World Boss HP reduced 1.5b > 500m
    • World Boss max dmg reduced by 40%!
    • World Boss Box: Champion´s Cloak added
    General Changes:
    • Roach Queen´s in the Darkon Mine LG Weapon droprate increased by 50%!
    Event Vote & Donate Shop:
    • 2 cFlyff Cs sets added (only there for 1 week)
    • 2 new Model Cloaks added
    • Vote Chip added
    Published on: 2017-03-21 14:07

  • Patchnotes 17.03.2017

    General Information:
    • Video Event started LINK
    • Vote Event x2 Started!
    Donate Shop changes:
    • Scroll of Acquisition (Low) added (2/100DP 20/900DP 100/3900DP)
    • Scroll of Party EXP (15 days) = 80 DP
    • Scroll of Party Skill (15 days) = 80 DP
    • 1x Extra Bag (365 days) = 1499DP
    • 2x Extra Bag (365 days) = 2499DP
    Other Changes:
    • Ringmaster AoE Spell Lv80 Merkaba Hanzelrusha cooldown reduced /2!
    • You cant fly on the Guild Duel map anymore!
    • Teleport Point for the new Dungeons set and added to the Teleporter (V)
    • Rock Dungeon Boss fix
    • Clockwork Dungeon droprate increase by 20%
    • Weapon Level System added (Ranger = Bow DMG | Jester = YoYo DMG | Psy and Ele = Magic DMG | BP = Knuckle DMG | Blade = One handed DMG | Knight = Heal over time | Ringmaster = INT)
    NEW Dungeons:
    • Rock Dungeon added (already Online but you cant see the boss now)
    • Puppet Temple added
    Published on: 2017-03-10 10:51

  • Patchnotes 09.03.2017

    Beginner Weekend EXP x1.5 & Stay Online Event start 11.03.2017!!! (Free Dragon Cloak) LINK

    • Yoshii Spawn Rate increased by x4 (already online)
    • New Cloak of EXP added in the collector field for 10k wheels! (Only in the collector field for ~1 month)
    • lv3 Collector bead Increase Quest Item droprate added 20%
    • Farm Map Ticket 6H added to the Collector Field for 1500 Wheels
    • Lawolf Transy Box added to the Collector Field for 50 Wheels or 400 Small Wheels
    • /awakecs added for the third inventory slot
    • if you die in arena from a monster, your pet will not lose lifes anymore
    • Added Protect, Holyguard and Spirit Fortune lv5 to the Buff pang till lvl 90
    • Haste Buff from the Buff pang is now Lvl 20 till lvl 105!
    • Event Buff Pang Protect, Holyguard and Spirit Fortune lv10 added till lvl 90!
    • Clockwork droprate increased! (For Sta, Dex, Int jewelry)
    • NEW: Guild Duel System added for TESTING only atm! (You can already join the map and fight!) Price = FFA Tokens after the Fight! LINK
    Published on: 2017-03-04 06:24

  • Patchnotes 01.03.2017

    World Event changes:
    • You cant start a world event anymore by killing a Arena Boss.
    • lv4 World Events wont reset to 2h anymore if you start a new one.
    • World Event XIN changes: Lv1 Increase Quest Item droprate from 5 > 10% Lv2 = 10 > 20% lv3 = 15 > 30% lv4 = 20 > 40%
    • World Event SON changes: Lv1 Penyarate 5 > 10% Lv2 = 10 > 20% lv3 = 15 > 30% lv4 = 20 > 40%
    • New Couple Skills and Couple Gifts!
    • Added Red Chips Between 1 - 4 to the Arena Box!
    • Tabbed Inventory changed
    • Guild fix
    • Beat the Yoshii Event added Link
    Published on: 2017-02-21 19:10

  • NoFlyff imagination video Event!

    NoFlyff Video Event!

    Start: 10.03.2017
    Event ends: 01.05.2017



    1. Create a Video about NoFlyff with Rates and features.
    2. 30sec + length
    3. Upload it on YouTube
    4. Send me the Link (Ticket or here in our Forum)
    5. Every sent Video to us will be rewarded with 1k DP´s!
    6. We add the Video to this Thread!


    Every participating player gets 1K DP´s for free!

    1. Place: 3k DP´s + Rare Video Event Cloak (Same stats as the Cloak of Bravery) [b]+ 9x Scroll of Amplification ES
    2. Place: 3k DP´s + 9x Scroll of Amplification ES
    3. Place: 3k DP´s

    Sincerely, NoFlyFF Staff
    Published on: 27-03 09:32

  • NoFlyff Year One Event!

    NoFlyFF's One Year Anniversary!

    We want to say Thank you!

    As a token of our appreciation we want to celebrate this with an event!

    The Event starts at 25.03.2017 (After the Patch!)
    The Event lasts till 01.05.2017 (+ 1-2 days)

    In this time there will be a EXP, Penya & Drop rate Event (x1.3)!
    At lv40 all new players will receive a Permanent Dragon Cloak!

    There will be a Donate Event too!
    With cFlyFF Armor Sets and New Model Cloaks! (You can already check out the new Cloaks and the cFlyFF Sets)

    During the event players are able to collect Collector Area Chips at the Collector Field
    All Monsters can drop Monster Chips and a Year One Box!
    Vote for Vote Chips!

    These materials can be exchanged for a Year One Token! (So: Monster Chips, Collector Area Chips & Vote Chips > Year One Token)!
    You can buy VERY nice items with the Year One Token!

    a Year One Box can contain Year One Tokens and other Premium Items!

    Year One Token Exchanger:
    10x Collector & Monster Chip = 5x Vote Chip!
    100x Collector & Monster Chip = 50 Vote Chip!
    500x Collector & Monster Chip = 250 Vote Chip!
    10x All 3 Chips (Collector, Monster and Vote) = Year One Token!
    100x All 3 Chips (Collector, Monster and Vote) = 10x Year One Token!
    500x All 3 Chips (Collector, Monster and Vote) = 50x Year One Token!
    2x Year One Token = Egg Basket!
    20x Year One Token = 10x Egg Basket!
    150x Year One Token = Baby Rabbit!
    250x Year One Token = Prophet's Wings!
    300x Year One Token = Year One Mask!
    500x Year One Token = Year One Cloak!
    500x Year One Token = Year One Cloak 365!
    750x Year One Token = 2x Extra Bag 365 Days!
    1000x Year One Token = Premium Status 365 Days!

    Year One Mask = Hp +2%, Attack +2%
    Year One Cloak = Attack +7%, All Stats +10, Increased speed +10%
    Year One Cloak 365 = Melee Block +5%, Hp +12%, Increased speed +17%

    (Note: These Cloaks are Permanent)

    Sincerely, NoFlyFF Staff
    Published on: 21-03 15:38

  • Join Discord Event!

    This is the new Discord Event!

    Start: 16.03.2017 - 01.04.2017

    How it works?
    • Invite your friends to our Discord Chat! LINK!

    • 100 Discord Members = EXP, PENYA & DROP Event x1.2 for 1 week (20%)
    • 150 Discord Members = EXP, PENYA & DROP Event x1.3 for 2 weeks (30%)
    • 200 Discord Members = EXP, PENYA & DROP Event x1.4 for 2 weeks (40%)
    • 250 Discord Members = EXP, PENYA & DROP Event x1.5 for 2 weeks (40%)
    • 300+ Discord Members = EXP, PENYA & DROP Event x1.5 for 4 weeks (50%)

    Invite 10+ Users and you CAN win 3k DPS! (Write a ticket with all the Discord names)
    Published on: 19-03 14:43

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