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News, Updates, Events

  • New Patcher

    The old Patcher doesnt work any more.

    Here you find the new Patcher.
    Download it and put it into your Folder.

    Published on: 16-10 18:10

  • New donation option, PayGol!

    ╔════════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ════════╗

    Hello NoFlyff!

    ╚════════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ════════╝

    It has came to our attention that some countries do not support paypal or paysafecard but that did not stop some of you for helping us keep the server up and running!

    We did our research and we have found an option that should be suitable for everyone. PayGol has now been added as a donation option on our website. LINK

    If some of you would still like to support NoFlyff but there is no donation option that allows you to do so, please don't hesitate to ask and we can find an option for your country.

    ━━━━━━━━━━ ◦ ❈ ◦ ━━━━━━━━━━
    Thanks to everyone,
    NoFlyff Staff
    Published on: 08-10 15:52

  • Expanding To More Social Medias!

    Hello NoFlyff!

    As you know, we live in the age of technology and online interactions and for this reason we plan on expanding our services to various social media sites.

    Where can you find us on social media?
    We previously had only Facebook where we could interact outside of the NoFlyff Forums, but now you can also find us on Twitter at

    What will you be posting on twitter? Why should we follow?
    Twitter will be mainly used by the staff of NoFlyff to help players who have questions but hate using forums. Don't get me wrong, the forums is an amazing place to get any questions or issues resolved quickly, but now you will also have a way to ask us via twitter. The twitter will consist of announcements, recent news and twitter exclusive events. Twitter will also give us a quick and easy way to keep you guys informed about downtimes and issues with anything regarding the server or forums.

    Hope to see you guys!

    (Currently Have A Twitter Event Going On: Follow and Retweet Twitter Event!)
    Published on: 29-09 23:42

  • Serverrestart 16.05.2016

    because of an Critical Security Patch, our root was restarted by Microsoft. Sorry for that.
    So we do our small Maintenance now, after that you get EXP event :)
    Published on: 16-05 11:47

  • Pre Patchnotes 2X.10.2016

    • Rare Pumpkin are tradeable now.
    • Crystal Labyrinth and Wilds added. (You can enter the Dungeon´s in khaldera. Teleporter to the Dungeon´s coming soon)
      • Crystal Labyrinth:
        • Boss Lvl 122 with 330M HP
        • Drops: Vampire / Ancient Weapons, A & 7% Cards, Scroll of Acquisition (Low), Jewelry +18 (Ring´s, Necklace´s, and Earring´s)
        • Cooldown: 240min
        • Level: 120 Master +
        • IP Drop System: Yes
        • Solo Dungeon: No

      • Wilds:
        • Boss Lvl 121 with 1.8M HP
        • Drops: Shining Oricalkum, Sunstone, Moonstone, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond
        • Cooldown: 60min
        • Level: 120+
        • IP Drop System: No
        • Solo Dungeon: Yes

    Published on: 2016-10-25 13:59

  • Patchnotes 22.10.2016

    • Scroll of Change Glow fixed
    • Halloween Part 1 starts on 23.10.2016 Link: HalloweenEvent
    • Weekend Event is back!
    • New Flaris map added

    more will follow
    Published on: 2016-10-19 09:02

  • Patchnotes 18.10.2016

    Please Download our new Patcher!! NEW PATCHER

    • NoFlyff Board added to the Level Up Event (You get it in lvl 20)
    • Rainbow Race Application Fee changed to 5m
    • Rainbow Race Application Time is now every Saturday 1am - 8pm (Race starts 8:30pm)
    • New PvP Systems (CTF, HTL ...)
    • Scroll of Holy (PvP Arena Only) added to the Arena Store.
    • Remantis Laccotte (PvP Arena Only) added to the Arena Store.
    • Asal and HoP freeze fix
    Published on: 2016-10-08 15:05

  • Patchnotes 04.10.2016

    Because of an major issue we will restart the server at 10:30 pm
    Server is back online

    • fix for the stats without hero quest
    • major fix
    Published on: 2016-10-04 10:59

  • Patchnotes 29.09.2016

    Server is back online
    • You can now trade the Items from the Potion box.
    • Premium Level Map
      • Teleporter added to higher monsters (teleporter is on the spawn)
      • Captain Asura spawn added
    • fix for the drop system
    • Scroll of Pick-Up Pet Awake added to the Event Token Shop (1 Event Token > 5x Pick-Up Pet Awake Scroll)
    • Scroll of Pick-Up Pet Awake added to the Donate Shop > Pet Shop!
    • Pick Up Pet Awake Bundle added to the Event Shop! (Rare Pick Up Pet + 20x Pick Up Pet Awake) Limited Time Only!
    Published on: 2016-09-27 10:51

  • Follow Event on Twitter!

    Hello NoFlyff!

    Since we had recently created a Twitter account it seems to be lacking some friends. To fix this problem we will be hosting a Follow Event on twitter!

    How to participate?
    Simple. You must be following the NoFlyff twitter account. The winners will be chosen and sent a private message on twitter randomly, asking for their in-game name to receive their prize.
    Twitter Account: @NoFlyff

    What is the prize?
    1. 2,000 Donation Points and a Dragon Cloak (All stats +14)
    2. 1x Donation Set (M or F)
    3. 500 Donation Points

    The event will last until November 14, 2016.

    Happy Flyffing!
    Published on: 24-10 12:35

  • NoFlyff Halloween Event

    Hey guys,

    Our Halloween Event starts soon!

    NoFlyff's Part 1 of the Halloween Event starts on October 24. (24.10.16)

    Part 1 will contain the following;

    EXP Rain Event: x1.2
    Penya Event: x1.2
    Drop Event: x1.2

    There have been spottings of scary Pumpkins all over madrigal. Help us defend the citizens and redeem various rewards!

    Every minion has a boss they must answer to. The Pumpkins must have leaders to tell them what to do. Thanks to the great explorers of NoFlyff, we have found various leaders around Madrigal that can be slain for rewards! They are extremely beefy but are weak for leaders (High Hp, Low Damage). Ofcourse, since they are leaders, they have a higher chance of dropping the Rare Pumpkins as a reward.

    Lvl 60 Giant:

    Lvl 120 Giant:

    Madrigal thanks all of it's warriors for helping them defend the world! To pay respect to all of the participants, based on how many enemy pumpkins they have slain, they can redeem their killings for rewards!


    the % on the end of every Item is the Exchange chance! (All items are 100% but the Rare Pumpkin Exchanges' are 5% and 60%)

    It can't be a Halloween without any candy. You can collect various types of Cotton Candy in the collection fields all over madrigal!

    The Halloween Event will last from October 24 to November 7 (24.10.16 - 7.11.16).
    Published on: 23-10 03:27

  • Halloween Event 2k16

    Hello :)

    I want to know what do you think about an Halloween Event.

    Under this Post you can give Ideas and more :)

    Have fun :rolleyes:
    Published on: 19-10 18:00

  • Vote Site Banner Event!

    Hey guys,

    i want a new banner for the Vote Sites and maybe something for our Facebook site!

    From 16.9.2016 - 31.10.2016

    How it works?
    1. Create a banner gif / jpg like you want (Banner size should be 468X60)
    2. Upload it where you want
    3. Post your banner here in this thread!
    4. After the 31.10.2016 we take all banners and make a poll for 2days.
    5. The banner with the most votes wins.

    Winner = Premium Scroll 14 Day + Premium Pick up scroll 14 Day + 1000 Donate Points!

    Have fun guys!
    Published on: 19-10 11:36

  • Like and Share Facebook Event!

    New Facebook Like and Share Event!

    What´s the Price?
    1. Place = 2k Donate Points and a Dragon Cloak all Stats +14!
    2. Place = 1x Donate CS Set M or F
    3. Place = 500 Donate Points

    How can I participate?
    Like and Share this LINK ! <-- Yes thats all! :D

    Event is till 10.10.2016!
    We pick 3 random peoples who win after the Event end´s.
    Published on: 13-10 13:34