XxNunoxX V6 Collector System Guide

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    • XxNunoxX V6 Collector System Guide

      Welcome to my V6 Collector system guide

      Hello everyone,this is my v6 Collector system guide,this system dates back to v3 and got removed in latter v6/v7 so lets start with the Basics.
      As the name indicates this system is about collecting someting,in this case you will be collecting 4 itens specificaly but i will explain more about them latter in this guide.
      The Darkon general is the main npc of this system since he has both the shop where you buy the collectors and the exchanger.
      First of all you need to kill one of the 4 types of catchers(i will describe the catchers latter)to be able to collect those 4 materials(note:each catcher has a respective material,you can only collect that material from that type)to colect you will need one of the 4 collectors this system has:
      flyff00137915.pngThe Normal collector.Costs 1m+taxes if there are in the general npc in darkon,Collets 39 Materials each catcher.
      flyff00137.jpgThe Good collector,costs 1000 of 1 material type for it.Collects 49 materials each catcher.
      flyff00139.jpgThe Better collector,costs 5000 of 1 material type for it.Collects 66 materials each Catcher.
      flyff0013915.pngThe OP collector,costs 15000 of 1 material type.Still unknown to date how many materials each catcher it gives.

      Now you have a collector what should you do?Well first you need to find one of these

      The Catchers from left to right(you can see it in the picture anyway)
      Krasec Catcher-Huge brown tentacle monster
      Mine Catcher-Greyish giant with red eyes and plants in his back
      Erons catcher-Blue giant with a red mark in his skull
      Guru Catcher-Pile of trash giant.

      For all you begginers this are just a few places you can find them in flaris.
      (The places are in the red circles(Yeah they are awfull sorry i tryed >.<i hope you can understand where the places are)

      After finding one of these you need to kill him,They have a lot of hp so for low levels so i wouldnt recomend you to kill them if you're under 60.After you kill them you have to equip the collector click the O key and press this icon.


      After that you just have to wait until its done,the monster will decrease in size slowly as you colect the materials from him until it completely disapears.

      The Materials you can get from the catchers are:

      From left to right(if you follow the order the monsters are in the screenshot previously presented in the post the materials that you can collect from them are in the same order)
      Krasec-Obtainable from Krasec Catcher.
      Mineral-Obtainable from Mine Catcher.
      Erons-Obtainable from Erons Catcher.
      Guru-Obtainable from Guru catcher.

      So now i've folowed all these footsteps what can i get?

      Well with only the materials you got from one monster theres no itens you can trade them for,so you will need to kill quite a few one of them before you can trade the itens for someting,for the more casual farmers just trying to make some money theres 2 rewards you should look at:

      flyff00144.jpgThe 7 day kebara island(farm area)ticket,you can obtain it by trading 500 minerals for it,at the time i made this guide the ticketcosted around 50m in private shops.
      flyff00145.jpgThe pet energy,you can obtain it by trading 200 krasec's for it,it costed around 25m in private shops around the time i made this guide.

      For the experienced players that spend more time farming this system by this time you should know the other rewards by now.

      Just a few more tips and funfacts about this system.
      The Guru catcher makes the ground shake when you kill him.
      The Catchers respawn timer is around 1 hour.
      Alhough the
      Catchers roam around the world map most of them have fixed spots.
      To date its still unknown the maximum number of catchers you can find in one spot,i found up to 6 in one spot at a time.
      The catchers can disapear while you atk and collect them since from what i've seen they have fixed de-spawned timers unknown to the players.

      Several people can collect from 1 catcher at the same time.(Althought you shouldnt do it since its considered bad manners most of the time)

      You can trade 3 of one material type for 1 of any other material type in the exchanger NPC

      Final note:Sorry for my english,if theres errors let me know and i will try to fix them as best as I possibly can,also my editing skills aren't the best but I hope you could learn someting from this guide

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