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    • Command list

      I did write a quick guide on the FToolCommands i thought I would follow it up with a quick guide on all commands you'll have at your disposal.
      (Feel free to add or correct anything if you feel like it is incomplete or incorrect)
      • awake - Place an item in the first slot in your inventory make sure you have reversion scrolls and awake scrolls
      • CampusInvite - invite someone to your campus, this is part of the Mentor Pupil system *
      • connectrefuse - Should hide your online status. I did test this but it is currently not working.
      • connectagree - Should reverse /connectrefuse.
      • gmlist - Displays a list of all currently connected Supporters and Gamemaster
      • Time - Displays your time and madrigal time
      • GuildChat - Does the same thing as /g. Chat in your guild
      • partychat - Does the same thing as /p. Chat in your party
      • position - Gets your X, Y and Z coordinates in the game world
      • ignore <PLAYER> - Adds a player to your ignore list. Where <PLAYER> can be replaced by a playername**
      • unignore - Removes a player from your ignore list
      • ignorelist - See all ignored people
      • shoutrefuse - Disables shout, you can't send any and wont receive anymore
      • shoutagree - Reverses the effect of /shoutrefuse
      • whisper <PLAYER> - Whisper a player, "/whisper <PLAYER>" where <PLAYER> can be replaced by a player name
      • say <PLAYER> - Opens a chat window with another player. This is where PM refers to.
      • shout - Does the same thing as /s. A shout in the server (in full server if Full shout is active)
      • stagerefuse - Refuse party invites. (this can be set in your options screen aswell)
      • stageagree - Reverses /stagerefuse.
      • FToolAdd <KEY> <INTERVAL> - Add a key to FTool. <KEY> can be replaced by 1 to 9 representing the F lost in which your skill you want to use is. The interval is the amount of seconds you wish to use the skill
      • FToolStart - Starts your FTool
      • FToolClear - Resets all FToolAdd
      • FToolStop - Stops your Ftool
      • GuildInvite <PLAYER> - Invite someone to your guild. Where <PLAYER> can be replaced by a player name
      • messengerrefuse- Disables friend invites. You can no longer be asked to be friends (this can be set in your options screen aswell)
      • messengeragree - Reverses messengerrefuse
      • PartyInvite <PLAYER> - Invite someone to your party. Where <PLAYER> can be replaced by a player name
      • TitleState - See your title progress
      • ts - Does the same thing as /TitleState.
      * have to be verified on actual meaning
      ** However, by testing this a player was still able to pm me and his messages still showed up in chat. So I'm not sure what this is suppose to do

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