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    • Lvling Guide And Other Guides you may need



      Just sometings you should take into consideration before starting to level

      Base exp.rate is only 2x,[b]cheer increases the exp. rate by 100%
      Party exp. is 5x.(the exp. the party gains)
      Guild Buffs increase exp. by a maximum exp.rate by a maximum of 25% scalling with each 10 guild levels(a lvl 50 guild has buffs that increase exp. by 25% althought a lvl 40 only has buffs that increase the exp. rate by 10%)This was changed on patch 25.08,the buffs were bugged so dont they dont stack anymore.
      Quest's exp. is tripled here.(basicly a quest that would give you 20% now gives you 60%
      You get a small exp. bonus while lvling with another person.(around a 5% exp.rate increase if i remember correctly)

      You get amps (some arent stackable)at these levels 20-40-60-80-100-110M-80M(no amps at 60M)100M-110M from the level up event(its a permanent event)[/color]
      Sometimes when people finish dungeons(any dungeon starting from masquerade wood's and above)and bosses such as meteo and clockworks theres a chance a world exp rate and speed rate increase event is triggered,this can range from a 10% to a 40% exp. rate event increase.
      From level 15 and above you will start dropping a NoFlyff exclusive item named NoChips,these are worth 50k(without taxes)in a npc,you can vend them to people for 55k each in order to make some money.
      Link Attack works for the entire party if the leader has a red scrool so you should join a party even at level one.
      There is a party finder and a item List ,in order to acess them click start>more>party finder or item list depending on which you want to acess,theres also a Teleporter if you click the V key and a cs pet drop filter if you click the U key
      Level 1 leaches dont work here.
      Rangers are actualy buffed here,so unless you're going for yj for endgame pvp i wouldnt suggest doing bj.
      (if you're wondering what classes i recomend for lvling aoe bp,rangers aoe rms and knights arent too expensive or hard to level,the reason for the 2 assist classes being easy to level is prevention has no cooldown and stonehand makes aoes far easier)

      Now this is how you should start the game if you want to level up as fast as possible:
      If you're playing solo you will need more than 1 client,(i used 3 clients for cheer at the time i started),the cheer exp. rate increase is massive and should be taken into consideration,if you're playing with a friend just dual loging for both of you and exchanging cheers should work.
      Couple gives some nice bonuses and level up rewards,you should do it.

      Levels 1 to 60
      Even if you're 1v1 if you have a leech,cheer and amps this shouldnt take you longer than 2-3 hours even if you're new if you are aoe (lvl 28+assists or lvl 45+archers)these levels should be extremely easy for you to do(1-2 hours)if you have a hard time aoeing i would suggest that you used a rm has a leech and used heal in Ftool(to do this put heal in any F key,and do this /FtoolAdd 1(the first nº is the nº of the F key where you placed heal)and 60(the number of seconds between each use,i would suggest around 1-3 seconds depending on how hard you find it to aoe,this works and should be used for the classes that start aoeing in the 2nd jobs aswell)if you think lvling is taking too long theres the luda quest at lvl 30 and the ivilis quest that you get from the saintmorning mayor at lvl 45,these give decent exp. and in the luda quest you need it to unlock the 2nd phase of it at lvl 60)

      Levels 60 to 75
      These levels will take you some time to do,at level 60 you get a 7 day party skills stacking scrool and exp. scrool a 1 day red scrool and a 1 day azria ticket.,you should use these and use as much time in azria as possible to make some money,(i do not recomend using it straight at lvl 60 because you will take a lot of time to kill the moobs and if you're a aoe class that doesnt hnr this will be realy hard for you)you should go to azria around 66-68 being a 1v1 or 70+ being a aoe,dont rush level up from 60 to 70-

      Take your time at these levels and upgrade your equips as much as you can without using all of your money.

      At this point in time you should have used your azria ticket,you can also sell it to a npc after for 2.5m penya(if theres no taxes)

      Levels 75-91
      03/02/2017 msg-this might get changed soon
      Spawns:From left to right(gulahs,abraxas,augus,mutant augu)
      After the changes to mines I would need to level another char to check what the ideal spawns are,but in my opinion b2 and azria are by far the best spawns,b2 ,the yettis are obviously better for drops but i would personaly rate this spawn a bit higher(idealy if u have the tickets from the level up event and you can rush these levels in a day go to yettis since you can actualy make some penya there,to be honest i have some doubts about which of these spawns are better right now but in the gulah/abraxas spawn the moobs are closer to each other than in yettis,also theres probably less people in tower than in azria,

      Level 91 to 110
      Spawns:From left to right:(Ghost of forgotten Prince,Ghost of Forgotten King and Mammoth)
      (Note:If you need penya the king spawn is the best non farm area spawn ingame to farm in my opinion.)

      Lvl 110 to 120
      03/02/2017 msg-this might get changed soon
      (Note:I dont rate the canibal mammoth spawn,in my opinion its bad for 1v1's and even worse for aoes,the other khaldera spawns arent included because the monster do a lot of damage in rage but they multi hit)

      Final notes:
      I didnt include the spawns untill lvl 75 since theres way too many diferent spawns of the same monster level,it should be ur personal option.
      If you need Tips on how to make money check my guides bellow,if you alredy do what i say there and it isnt working pm me ingame and ill tell you some more tricks(ign:Survival)
      For help on how to g.hunt or equip ur char theres is also 2 guides bellow)[/size
      Edit(21/10)aparently the website bugged and the title picture doesnt work anymore,i tryed removing it and editing it and it still doesnt work.

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    • Giant Hunting guide
      6.jpgThis is a mini g.hunting guide that is a followup of my level up guide since i ended up refering g.hunting as a method to farm for ur equips quite often.
      (note:when i refer to someting as a blue those are the npc weapons or gears)

      My opinion on each class for g.hunting

      Blade-highest dmg output even around lvl 60's,blades have some hp issues before lvl 90(since its the first set you should actualy get to at least +8).

      Rangers/bjs-good block/dodge and crit but if you take a big crit theres a chance you might die,their dmg is also respectable.

      Yjs-i dont recommend them for g.hunting,their knockback is unrreliable and their dmg is noting impressive either,they also have the same hp issues their bow counterparts do and dont less block due to having less dex in their build.

      Rms-unless you are str build for some reason dont do giants,if you are you might aswell build a bp since theres almost no diference.

      Knights-You wont have any hp issues because of the ridicuously high knight's hp stat,but ur dmg wont be that great unless you're a 1v1 knight.

      Bp-easily the first or second most safe class for g.hunt since you can almost permanently stun the giant,good hp and dmg if you're 1v1 aswell.

      Psy's-Extremely safe,just use satanology on boss and spirit bomb them to death,their endgame is also great so i highly recommend them as a first class.

      Elementor-i dont recommend them for giants,unless you use root you need to hit and run the giants which opens windows for someone to ks ur giant.

      What giants should you kill?
      lvl 59,he drops +20 mental necks.
      lvl 65(the ivilis mushelizer)
      lvl 67 he drops a big amount of blues
      lvl 69,he drops a insane amount of blue gears and he drops guardian weapons(he didnt in oficial from what i remember)
      lvl 75,drops +6 rings,guardian weapons and a decent amount of blues
      lvl 77 Decent blue rate drops.(he drops historic weapons but i never got anyting of him)
      lvl 86He doesnt have a insane blue's drop but he was the historic giant that dropped me the historic weapons.
      lvl 89 Extremely good blue's drop rate and also drops historic's at a decent rate
      After this giant dont expect too many blues to drop.
      lvl 95 Decent blue drop rate for the level it is,it drops angels aswell
      lvl 101 The best angels giant in my opinion.
      lvl 107 The giant that has the highest legendary drop rate and he has realy good blue drop rate for the level he is aswell.
      lvl 116 I personaly havent gotten anyting good of this giant but a lot of people in my guild got lgas of him.

      lvl 120,he drops me a lot of legendary's.

      Some final notes:

      You will eventualy reach the point where the weaknesses of each class for g.hunting are gone,you should play whats fun for you most of the time.
      Most of these both the giants and the list of the classes for g.hunting are my opinions.

      I dont recommend killing randgas they hit hard and their drop rate is abysmal .

      There are some giants you should only do if you're hunting for green weapons this is a small list of those:

      Hopre and Muspoie- very rarely these drop anyting.(muspoie's case is worse than hopre's)

      Any darkon desert 3 giant,the Grr and Dump arent too bad but they still drop worse than the other giant of their respective levels.

      Gongury-their drop rate isnt too bad but finding it is realy hard since this spawn is a mess.

      Kern-i would rank this guy under all the d3 desert giants in blue drop rate.

      Also you should do cw as soon as you can.

      I never tryed the flying boss,but it seems he drops upgraded plugs(+9 from what i've heard)i personaly dont like the flying fighting system so i cant help too much with that.

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    • Armours and Weapons you should use
      (On this part of the guide ill be only going up to the level 105,after it you should alredy know how to gear yourself.)
      (note:some stuff should be fairly obvious,so i will just write whats needed).
      (note:Everyting is in level order the lower the weapon/armor level is the higher it is in the list,since this guide is mostly aimed at players that dont know how to equip them selves)
      (note:Sorry for there being no images in this guide but i found moving images arround without messing up the text hard,if i have the time ill do it someday)

      1v1 Build
      Taytras or detras,i prefer taytras.

      Angel axes.lgas are realy expensive buy these to farm for them

      Lgas-Expensive but u can even make them ur endgame weapon..

      1h historic sword-Hard to find and the bonus isnt too good.

      Recorn-its a decent set to use untill you are lvl 90
      Dayst-its the 2nd best 1v1 set for blades only behind noctis.

      Blain:this is mostly for hp issues at g.hunting or pvp,i dont believe this set is needed for lvling.


      1h historic axe-its the best 1h tank axe in the game.

      1h angel sword:its a cheaper but weaker version of the historic axe,you would need to use a diferent aoe if you used this.

      Blain-Last set for aoe blade.

      Einy-I would not use it over recorn.



      Lg big axe and sword,both of them have diferent uses so you should get both of them,the axe grants more hp and it allows you to use the axe aoe which in my opinion is the best aoe,the sword allows you to tank more easily.

      2h big axe,if you find one buy it,but dont bother searching or hunting for it.

      Recorn,its the only set that gives hp% untill knighter
      No explanations needed realy.hp% and block%,it just makes lvling as a knight even easier.

      (ill be doing these combined since they are extremely similar)
      Guardian wand and staff.
      Lg wand and lg staff-both of these are decent and fill the needs of all the builds these classes can possibly get.

      historic staff for eles-in my opinion the upgrade isnt big enough for it to be worth changing weapon for.
      angel wand-its a good wand for aoe psy's and it gives more hp than the lg wand.

      Teba,in my opinion this a extremely well rounded set which you should definitly upgrade
      Shabel for eles and psykon for aoe psy's-:All the aoe classes should get the 105 tank set.eles are the exception to this rule since they hnr.

      Myuram for eles-i dont find the stats of this set good enough for it to be worth replacing teba for,also this set is hard to find.
      Geniun for psy's-its good for 1v1 psy's but my opinion on this is the same for myuram.
      Elisis for elementors-if you dont feel safe enough hnring as a elementor grab this set it will fix a lot of ur issues.


      Full support:

      (To be honest this is a bit irrelevant.99% of the time these are not main characters anyway.)
      Guardian Stick
      Legendary Stick-At the level you can use it u can get the extra hp from the 105 set

      Historic Stick
      Angel Stick-cheaper than guardian.


      Paxt:Is less dct than wedge and less hp than rimyth but besides revenio its the only set that gives both

      Aoe RM:
      Guardian stick

      Angel stick

      Paxt,this set is great for the level it is since it grants both dct and hp%
      Remingster-This is a obvious one,any self tank aoe class needs the 105 set because of how great they are.


      (i dont recommend 1v1 bps,you rely on realy high crit awakes to be good and you will never achieve the damage of other classes)


      Yakadain:its a decent weapon that gives a good amount of hit rate.
      Historic knuckle:its the only knuckle with crit rate besides the lvl 30 one so its a obvious choice.
      Lgg-its your final weapon as 1v1 bp.

      Shurand,a lot of people go for talin since you can get it earlier but shurand gives slighty more crit rate and it also gives hp%.

      Rody:(i know i will get a lot of criticism for saying rody is a not a must),in my opinion bp's crit is way too low,if you go with rody and lgg you will have 0% base crit rate from equips and weapons,so even with 4 10% awakes(weapon,shield,suit and gloves)you will only have 40% crit rate in a build without dex)
      Akent:This set is the mid term between rody and shurand,it gives 5% cr and 20% adoch,i find it a bit useless honestly not only you dont crit as often with it as while using shurand but your crits are also lower than if you used rody.

      Aoe BP:


      Guardian knuck:its the best hp knuckle untill lvl 120.

      Angel glove:its cheaper than guardian but the stats are basicly the same anyway.

      Bilist-this is your final set as a aoe bp,this set is better than grim in my opinion.

      Shurand-If you get this dont get alext
      Alext-if you didnt get shurand get this one you will need at least one of them

      (For bow jester's build's just check the 1v1 ranger build weapon wise and use the same sets as yj)
      Historic yoyo-To be honest i could not decide if i should put this yoyo in the optional ones or not,if you can rush to 90 just go for angel.
      Angel yoyo-Best 1v1 yoyo besides vamp and ancient.

      Guardian yoyo-mostly ur choice,i dont believe the bonus is good enough to be worth searching for it.




      Guardian bow-Good hp Good crit Regardless of ur build.
      Angel Bow-Cheaper and better for aoe rangers.


      Cruiser:Doesnt help you too much in aoe build but it drops enough for you to get a full set anyway

      1v1 Build
      Guardian Bow-Good hp Good crit Regardless of ur build.
      Legendary Bow-Great for 1v1 rangers,cheaper than bloody.

      Historic Bow-This bow is considerably expensive for a new player and the stats u have wont be enough
      to take advantage of the adoch it gives

      Cruiser:Obvious choice.

      Asren,it gives 10% crit but gives only gives 30% adoch(cruiser gives 40)

      Final note:If you have any suggestions or disagree with me,either pm me ingame(Ign:Survival)or write me in pm in forums,please dont write it in this post because if you are right and i edit the post it will be left with a post in here that will provide noting to the content of it.

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    • Penya Making Guide

      In this guide ill be naming some of the ways to make penya in this server and explaining how and why you should do them,ill be dividing them in 3 category's acording to what i believe is easier and harder for a newbie to do:

      Easy:These barely require any effort.

      ]Vending(private shop) itens you drop while lvling up auch as:
      Sunstones-At the time im creating this guide(22/09)these sell for 600-800k each to other players

      -Moonstones-At the time im creating this guide(22/09)these sell for 250-450k each to other players.[/color]

      flyff00336.jpg-At the time im creating this guide(22/09)these sell for 55k each to other players

      These 3 itens alone should be more than enough for you to fund ur low level gears most of the time.

      Selling event Itens-There are several events that run trought the week,(RPS from tuesday to thursday and 2x penya and weekend boxes at saturday or sunday),selling the loots of these,(in the rps i would aim for the holies since they sell extremely easily,in the weekend event just sell the scrools you get since if you need penya that badly you are probably not in a situation where you need them)

      Selling itens you drop while lvling to the npc(u should only sell armours and weapons you dont need)-this is the most obvious one.

      Medium:-Activites that require some effort but dont require you to be perfectly know or have great gears to do them

      Collecting(v6 collecting system)-While these monsters have fixed spawns and the itens u can trade their materials for give a significant amount of money they dont exactly spawn in large quantity's and theres quite a significant amount of people that farm them so you will have competition,the most notable itens u can trade the materials for are the 7day kebaras island ticket and pet energys(the ticket sells for 35m to other players and the pet energy's for 15m)If you're interested in it this system theres some guides for it,i recommend you check either my guide or Rashadain's(in other forum posts)

      Giant Hunting:(theres a guide for this above):Since not all classes can giant hunt effectively and theres some giants which have quite a few people searching for them and not only that but the higher the level you get the less blue weapons they drop i decided it should be in the medium category,honestly after you get the hang of this and if you can time the respawns correctly(if you do the same giants everyday for a week or two you somewhat learn at around what time they spawn.

      Vending midgame itens-By this i meant itens such as clean equips and green weapons that arent rare,sometimes you will take several days to sell these.

      Hard-End game or more risky way's.
      Dp selling:Not only you are using your own money to buy DP's but theres also the chance of people scamming you,be extremely carefull while doing this,althought if noting happens this is definitly one of the more easy way's to make large amounts of penya.

      End Game dungeons-By these i meant bloody/vampire/Ancient-The loots of the first one barely sell for anyting anymore and the last 2 not only have a decent level of difficulty(noting out of this world anyway but you definitly need decent gears in ur whole team)

      Kebaras(Farm area)-The monsters here have big health points,therefore you need some decent equips to farm them,not only that but the more the server grows the harder it will be to farm there in the last spawns since there is only 1 channel.

      Running Amnius boxes:These give some interesting and sellable loots(remantis laccote,7%/A cards although these are rare),however if you arent a acrobat you might need some speed and hp equips to do this.

      Some Final tips:
      After they expire you can sell your azria tickets in a npc,they sell for 1/4 of the value you bought them.
      The collector system(the collector field one)is not worth it,its completely changed in this server and i dont find it too usefull unless you're aiming for the champion cloak but even for that once you reach 110+ you probably have way's to farm for the bravery cloak which is better than the champion one anyway,other than it only the holies there are worth it but even those the amount of toothed weels you need to get them is insane.

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    • Makemake wrote:

      Where are syliaca, nautrepy, boo and all the desert giants? Also giantrs from nuttywheel fdrops G weapons, you could mension them too ;) But i liked the guide (Y)
      I just mentioned the giants i found having the best drop rates,if you take a look at the elderguard i didnt mention him dropping guardian weapons (even though he does)just because i found others dropping me more often than him,about the darkon 3 desert giants,they are mentioned in the final notes.

      I tryed to aim the guide towards people that dont have enough time to do every single giant and cant be there when they respawn(like the people that actively hunt them)so i ended up not naming all the giants and just listed my opinion on the best ones.
    • Helped me alote thanks for the tips, killing Roaches in Dekan Mines was awsome i would recommend a tank though, wanted to delete the collector from a charachter cause i didnt know what to do with it, now i know lol. Good Guide i would recommend. Thanks again.