How to Start World Events!

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  • How to Start World Events!

    World Events:

    XINEXP 10%
    Quest Item Droprate +5%
    EXP 20%
    Quest Item Droprate +10%
    EXP 30%
    Quest Item Droprate +15%
    EXP 40%
    Quest Item Droprate +20%
    SONEXP 10%
    Penyarate +5%
    EXP 20%
    Penyarate +10%
    EXP 30%
    Penyarate +15%
    EXP 40%
    Penyarate +20%
    KANEXP 10%
    Droprate +5%
    EXP 20%
    Droprate +10%
    EXP 30%
    Droprate +15%
    EXP 40%
    Droprate +20%
    GENEXP 15%
    EXP 30%
    EXP 45%
    EXP 60%

    How to start a World Event:

    NameLevelWhere to findChance
    [Masquerade Wood Boss] Bearnucky65Masquerade Wood Dungeon15
    [Pipe Boss] Crane Machinery80Pipe Town Dungeon15
    [Ice World Boss] King Augo95Forgotten Ice Paradise Dungeon15
    [Boss] Imp110Wondermine Dungeon15
    [Boss] Clockwork120Bloody Dungeon 15
    Red Meteonyker120Volcano15
    Clockwork 80Old Clockwork Dungeon15
    Beast King Khan120Wilds Dungeon2
    Drakul the Diabolic121Animus Dungeon15
    Dread Drakul the Diabolic121Cursed Animus Dungeon15
    [Deathbringer] Kheldor122Crystal Labyrinth Dungeon15
    World Boss

    Sapphire Dragon

    Every day in the old sm Arena

    Darkon Mine


    How to Lvl Up a World Event:

    If you start a World Event you start a random one in lv1.
    If you start in this time another World Event you lvl up this one and get a lv2 World Event with 2h duration.
    On the same way you can lvl it till lv4!