Pinned NoFlyff Title System!

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    • NoFlyff Title System!

      You can check your titles INGAME: /TitleState

      Active Title´s: (You have to SHOW one of the titles to get the stats)

      NameHow to getTitle neededStat
      Novice FighterPvP Points 101PvP Dmg 1%
      Apprentice FighterPvP Points 1002PvP Dmg 2%
      Persistant FighterPvP Points 10003PvP Dmg 3%
      Devoted FighterPvP Points 40004PvP Dmg 4%
      Passionate FighterPvP Points 100005PvP Dmg 5%
      Unyeilding FighterPvP Points 200006PvP Dmg 5%
      HP Rate 1%
      Prizewinning FighterPvP Points 500007PvP Dmg 6%
      HP Rate 1%
      Renowned FighterPvP Points 1000008PvP Dmg 6%
      HP Rate 2%
      Epic FighterPvP Points 5000009PvP Dmg 7%
      HP Rate 3%
      NO~Flyff ChampionPvP Points 100000010PvP Dmg 10%
      HP Rate 5%
      Kingster HunterKill 10000x [TITLE] Kingster1Monster Dmg 1%
      Kragen HunterKill 10000x [TITLE] Kraken2Monster Dmg 2%
      Crepper HunterKill 10000x [TITLE] Creper3Monster Dmg 4%
      Naga HunterKill 10000x [TITLE] Naga4Monster Dmg 5%
      Atrox HunterKill 8500x [TITLE] Atrox5Monster Dmg 7%
      Okean HunterKill 7000x [TITLE] Okean6Monster Dmg 8%
      Tigar HunterKill 5500x [TITLE] Tigar7Monster Dmg 10%
      Dorian HunterKill 4000x [TITLE] Dorian8Monster Dmg 11%
      Meral HunterKill 2500x [TITLE] Meral9Monster Dmg 15%

      Passive Title: (You dont have to show them you get Passive stats)

      NameHow to getStat
      Master CollectorCollect 1440hoursAll stats+1
      EntrepreneurOpen a shop 2160hoursAll stats +1
      Master HatcherHatch 100 EggsAll stats +1
      Casanova100 CouplesAll stats+1
      Great CoupleCouple lvl 21All stats+1
      Dreadful FellowGet 5 PK PointsAll stats +1
      Strength Master253 str STR+1
      Stamina Master253 staSTA+1
      Dexterity Master253 dexDEX+1
      Intelligence Master253 intINT+1
      Master KnightLvl 60MSTA+1
      Master BladeLvl 60MSTR+1
      Master JesterLvl 60MSTR+1
      Master RangerLvl 60MDEX+1
      Master RingmasterLvl 60MINT+1
      Master BillposterLvl 60MSTA+1
      Master PsykeeperLvl 60MINT+1
      Master ElementorLvl 60MINT+1
      Hero KnightLvl 121HSTA+2
      Hero BladeLvl 121HSTR+2
      Hero JesterLvl 121HSTR+2
      Hero RangerLvl 121HDEX+2
      Hero RingmasterLvl 121HINT+2
      Hero BillposterLvl 121HSTA+2
      Hero PsykeeperLvl 121HINT+2
      Hero ElementorLvl 121HINT+2
      LordBe lord All stats+1
      Gray Pill AddictUse it 30000xSTA+1
      Yellow Pill AddictUse it 30000xSTR+1
      Blue Pill AddictUse it 30000xDEX+1
      Red Pill AddictUse it 30000xINT+1
      Gold Pill AddictUse it 30000xSTA+1
      Mysterious Pill AddictUse it 30000xSTR+1
      Lollipop AddictUse it 30000xDEX+1
      Cookie MonsterUse it 200000xINT+1
      Chocolate Bar AddictUse it 200000xSTA+1
      Milk AddictUse it 200000xSTR+1
      Roll Bread AddictUse it 200000xDEX+1
      Hot Dog AddictUse it 200000xINT+1
      Pizza AddictUse it 200000xSTA+1
      Kimbap AddictUse it 200000xSTR+1
      Chicken Stick AddictUse it 200000xDEX+1
      Star Candy AddictUse it 200000xINT+1
      Meat Skewer AddictUse it 200000xSTA+1
      Barbecue AddictUse it 200000xSTR+1
      Seafood Pan Cake AddictUse it 200000xDEX+1
      Fish Soup AddictUse it 200000xINT+1
      Sausage Casserole AddictUse it 200000xSTA+1
      Fish Stew AddictUse it 200000xSTR+1
      Steamed Seafood AddictUse it 200000xDEX+1
      Meat Salad AddictUse it 200000xINT+1
      Gratin AddictUse it 200000xSTA+1
      Seafood Pizza AddictUse it 200000xSTR+1
      Orange Juice AddictUse it 200000xDEX+1
      Strawberry Shake AddictUse it 200000xINT+1
      Pineapple Cone AddictUse it 200000xSTA+1
      Banana Jujubar AddictUse it 200000xSTR+1
      Fruit Juice AddictUse it 200000xDEX+1
      Fruit Icewater AddictUse it 200000xINT+1
      Fruit Parfait AddictUse it 200000xSTA+1
      Fruit Sherbert AddictUse it 200000xSTR+1
      Icecream AddictUse it 200000xDEX+1
      Fruit Punch AddictUse it 200000xINT+1
      Aibatt HunterKill 15000x AibattDCT+1%
      Lawolf HunterKill 15000x LawolfADOCH+1%
      Cardpuppet HunterKill 15000x CardpuppetHP+1%
      Glaphan HunterKill 15000x GlaphanATK+1%
      Meteonyker HunterKill 15000x MeteonykerDCT+1%
      Psyclops HunterKill 15000x Cyclops XADOCH+1%
      Yetti HunterKill 15000x YettiHP+1%
      Mutant Yetti HunterKill 15000x Mutant YettiATK+1%
      Augu HunterKill 15000x AuguDCT+1%
      Mutant Augu HunterKill 15000x Mutant AuguADOCH+1%
      Ghostly Prince HunterKill 15000x Ghostly PrinceHP+1%
      Ghostly King HunterKill 15000x Ghostly KingATK+1%
      Mammoth HunterKill 15000x MammothDCT+1%
      Cannibal Mammoth HunterKill 15000x Cannibal MammothADOCH+1%
      Clockworks KillerKill 100x ClockworkAll stats+1
      Red Dragon HunterKill 100x MeteonykerAll stats+1
      Jump MasterJump 500000xJump height+20
      Rock Dungeon KingKill 20x the Final BossDCT+1%
      Puppet Dungeon King Kill 20x the Final BossADOCH+1%
      Legendary HunterKill 20x the Final BossHP+1%
      OPKill 10x the World BossATK+1%
      Bloody KingKill 20x the Final BossDCT+1%
      Historic HunterKill 20x the Final BossADOCH+1%
      Guardian HunterKill 20x the Final BossHP+1%
      Angels HunterKill 20x the Final BossATK+1%
      Turtle KingKill 20x Turtle KingDCT+1%
      BeastKill 100x Beast Overlord KhanADOCH+1%
      Devos HunterKill 20x DevosHP+1%
      Ancient HunterKill 20x Cursed DrakulATK+1%
      Vampire HunterKill 20x DrakulDCT+1%
      Secret Room BossKill 20x LuciferADOCH+1%
      Welcome on NoFlyff!Kill 1x Small AibattAll Stat+1
      Its too hot for me!Kill 200x Summer Catcher!ATK+1%
      Eat mee!Eat 50x Summer Star Candy!HP+1%

      more titles are coming :)

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