Patchnotes 30.06.2017

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    • Patchnotes 30.06.2017

      Patchnotes: 30.06.2017

      • Summer Weekend Event added! Link!
      • dungeon entry fix (already online)
      • You can equip Poster and Arrows in Colosseum now
      • rejoin with dungeon limits fixed
      • Hotkey changer fixed
      • FFA and subexp fixed
      • Event Token Exchanger new Items added and some removed! (New Items: Rare CS Set (M/F), Rare CS Pet and Bike!)
      • Model Shop added to Flaris Mayor!
      • Model Token added to the Donate Shop!
      • Model Token Package added to the Donate Shop! (Model Token + Scroll of Model Change) (Consumable)
      • Donate Shop Scroll of Reversion bundles added! (Scroll of Reversion + Awake Scroll) (Upgrade)
      • Donate Shop Scroll of Reversion´s removed!
      • Animus / Cursed Animus Dungeon Droprate for LG Weapons decreased!