Patchnotes 05.07.2017

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    • Patchnotes 05.07.2017

      • Offline Vendor system added [BETA] Link!
      • Changes on the dungeon entry system
      • Animus Dungeon droprate increased for Vampire Weapons by 5%!
      • Offline Vendor Scroll 4H [BETA] added to IS for 100 Penya!
      • With Premium you can open a 6h Offline Vendor shop!
      • Crystal Labyrinth objects removed!
      • Premium Level Map changed Link!
      • Changed all monsters on the Premium Map!
      • Increased Penya Rate on the Premium Map!
      • Spawns changed a bit on the Premium Map!
      • Droprate increased by 10 - 15% on the Premium Map!
      • Premium Map monsters changed to lvl 73 - 127!
      After the restart changes:

      • Premium Level Map changed
      • Offline Vendor System fixed
      • Offline Vendor Scroll 2H increased to 4H
      • Premium Players Offline Vendor changed from 4H > 6H