Create/send and wish your CS Set and Pet

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    • Create/send and wish your CS Set and Pet

      Hi everybody,
      we get a lot of request for other, new or custom cs sets and cs pets. So we thought a lot and came to the decision to create this thread for request of the cs sets and pets.
      If you want your set ingame by an event or in the donate shop, Just send us a ticket at our homepage with a download link to the models of the set or pet.
      • If it is already in the item wiki, the name is enough.
      • We will decide the price and if it is for an event or the donate shop.
      • If it is a really new set, created by you, you will get 50% sale.
      • If the item was already ingame by an event, it could be that it is not possible to get it back again, but try it out, we will decide in every case.

      Kind regards

      NoFlyff ~ Staff