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  • Help us grow!

    Hey guys,

    you could help us to bring more players on the server!
    You are in any Flyff forum?

    Please use this in your signature! (Thats my Epvp signature)

    Source Code

    1. [CENTER][IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG]
    2. Register: [URL=""]Click me![/URL]
    3. Homepage: [URL=""]Click me![/URL]
    4. Download: [URL=""]Click me![/URL]
    5. Facebook: [URL=""]Like us![/URL]
    6. Forum: [URL=""]Click me![/URL]
    7. Discord: [URL=""]Join us![/URL][/CENTER]
    Invite your friends to play here or ask old friends to play together again!

    We are buying the other ads like in facebook or votes on the topsites!

    Published on: 29-06 17:10

  • Patchlist Clear!

    Hey guys,

    we cleared the Patchlist! Maybe some Clients are outdated now! please Download the new Client!

    Client: Client Link!

    Thank you!
    Published on: 19-03 07:42

  • Patch List clear

    Hey guys,

    we want to clear our Patchlist and upload a new Client. (You dont have to patch over 6k Patches anymore)

    Please Patch till 16.03.2017 or you have to download the new Client!!

    Thank you :)

    NoFlyff Team!

    Published on: 09-03 12:46

  • Bot using

    We want to remeber you, that Bots are not allowed and will be punished with permanent bans. We currently improve our security systems against bots, the first useres are already baned.
    Published on: 13-02 00:14

  • NoFlyff Fresh Start 10.02.2017 5pm! SERVER ONLINE!!!

    Hey guys,

    we Wipe all characters on Thursday 09.02.2017! (You start with a empty Account)

    Server will be back Online on Friday 10.02.2017 5pm Server Time with the following features:

    • EXP Rate changed from 2 > 3
    • Cheer EXP changed from 2 > 1.1
    • Partner Lvling EXP with another IP from 1.1 > 1.2
    • Droprate of all Dungeons changed from 2 > 2.5
    • Tabbed Inventory
    • New Guild Duel System! (Forum Thread is coming soon)
    • Model change for Weapons now
    • Summer Island is now permanent
    • Collector Field changes
    • Monster Collect system changes
    • World Event System changes
    • Red chip rate increased in Siege
    • Beginner Items changed
    • Green > Ultimate Weapon chance increased by x2
    • Couple Level EXP Increased by x1.5
    • Carnival Event added
    • Guardian, Historic and Angel Dungeon Boss dmg reduced!
    • Dungeon cooldown increased by x2
    • Guild Furniture changed from 7 > 15 days
    • Bubble's EXP Crystal changed from 7 > 15 day
    • Bubble's EXP Crystal added +10% EXP
    • Siege Time changes: Monday: 7pm, Wednesday: 12noon, Thursday: 7pm, Saturday: 12noon! (Server Time)
    • Secret Room Darkon: You can buy now Red Chips for 500k ea
    • More changes coming..

    Vote Points:
    We wipe all Points on Monday 06.02.2017.
    You guys can start voting on Tuesday 07.02.2017!

    Fresh Start Facebook Event:
    You guys can win some nice Prices for the Server Start!! Link: Click Me!!

    Donate Points:
    PayPal & PayGol:
    ~75% of all donate points that were donated after 19 May 2016 will be refunded.You will automatically receive your points on your account.

    ~75% of all donate points that were donated after September 2016 will be refunded.
    You will automatically receive your points on your account.
    Published on: 10-02 15:55

  • Patchnotes 11.09.2017

    Start: 11.09.2017 9am
    • Darkon Mine reopening Event! LINK!
    • Facebook Event started again! LINK!
    • IP limit in the Guild War removed
    • Buff Pang changed:
      • Lvl 1 - 70: Assist buffs lvl 20 and Ringmaster buffs lvl 5
      • Lvl 70 - 100: Assist buffs lvl 15 and Ringmaster buffs lvl 5
      • Lvl 100 - 121: Assist buffs lvl 10
    • Darkon Mine is now open for ALL players again!
      • You can PK there now w/o getting PK or Disposition Points! (Beta)
      • if this does not work fine and without escalations we will close it again!

    Published on: 2017-09-08 15:08

  • Patchnotes 02.09.2017

    • Buff Pang changed to normal buffs.
    • You cant drop Summer Event Pieces in Summer Island anymore.
    • Summer Event Items from the Donate Shop removed.
    • Summer Event Exchange is ingame for 2 more weeks!
    • Small Mushpoie (Illusion Dungeon Monster) Power stump skill stun time reduced to 1sec!
    • Small Mushpoie (Illusion Dungeon Monster) Silence skill time reduced to 2sec!
    Published on: 2017-09-02 11:07

  • Patchnotes 30.08.2017

    • 3rd job class removed ingame
    • Bloody Dungeon daily entrances changed 4 > 3
    • Security fixes for our gameguard
    Published on: 2017-08-30 16:46

  • Patchnotes 27.08.2017

    • Summer Event ends 01.09.2017
    • New improved couple system with new skills and new lvl up gifts!! (Max lvl 30 now)
    • Illusion Dungeon droprate increased by 10%!
    • Gacha Gacha box dropevent today! (begins after the patch)
    • Illusion Dungeon Boss DMG reduced by 10% and max HP changed from 550M > 450M
    Published on: 2017-08-27 09:56

  • Patchnotes 25.08.2017

    • Security improved again.
    • Be ready for the coming couple update! (You can already increase your EXP)
    • ALL Couples got changed to lvl 20!
    Published on: 2017-08-25 16:27

  • Like, Share & Comment Facebook Event!

    Facebook Like, Share & Comment Event!

    What´s the Price?
    1. Place = 2k Donate Points + 9x Drop Scroll HIGH
    2. Place = 1.5k Donate Points + 4x Drop Scroll HIGH
    3. Place = 1k Donate Points + 1x Drop Scroll HIGH
    Last comment = 1k Donate Points + 5x Drop Scroll HIGH

    How can I participate?
    Like, Share & Comment this LINK!<-- Yes thats all! :D

    Event is till 1.10.2017 11:59pm! (GMT +2)
    We pick 3 random peoples who win after the Event end´s.
    Published on: 11-09 05:53

  • Darkon Mine reopening Event!

    Darkon mine is open again for ALL players! (You can PK there now w/o getting PK or Disposition Points)

    11.09.2017 - 17.09.2017

    EXP: x1.5
    DROP: x1.5
    PENYA: x1.5

    You can drop a Lucky Box (Clock Bike) Level 15+

    New Beginner Items added in this Time:

    15Silver BatteryNo
    45Premanent Ninja Set M/FYes
    65Permanent Dragon Cloak of the InitiateYes
    Published on: 11-09 05:45

  • Create/send and wish your CS Set and Pet

    Hi everybody,
    we get a lot of request for other, new or custom cs sets and cs pets. So we thought a lot and came to the decision to create this thread for request of the cs sets and pets.
    If you want your set ingame by an event or in the donate shop, Just send us a ticket at our homepage with a download link to the models of the set or pet.
    • If it is already in the item wiki, the name is enough.
    • We will decide the price and if it is for an event or the donate shop.
    • If it is a really new set, created by you, you will get 50% sale.
    • If the item was already ingame by an event, it could be that it is not possible to get it back again, but try it out, we will decide in every case.

    Kind regards

    NoFlyff ~ Staff
    Published on: 02-08 00:28

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