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  • Help us grow!

    Hey guys,

    you could help us to bring more players on the server!
    You are in any Flyff forum?

    Please use this in your signature! (Thats my Epvp signature)

    Source Code

    1. [CENTER][IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG]
    2. Register: [URL=""]Click me![/URL]
    3. Homepage: [URL=""]Click me![/URL]
    4. Download: [URL=""]Click me![/URL]
    5. Facebook: [URL=""]Like us![/URL]
    6. Forum: [URL=""]Click me![/URL]
    7. Discord: [URL=""]Join us![/URL][/CENTER]
    Invite your friends to play here or ask old friends to play together again!

    We are buying the other ads like in facebook or votes on the topsites!

    Published on: 29-06 17:10

  • Patchlist Clear!

    Hey guys,

    we cleared the Patchlist! Maybe some Clients are outdated now! please Download the new Client!

    Client: Client Link!

    Thank you!
    Published on: 19-03 07:42

  • Patch List clear

    Hey guys,

    we want to clear our Patchlist and upload a new Client. (You dont have to patch over 6k Patches anymore)

    Please Patch till 16.03.2017 or you have to download the new Client!!

    Thank you :)

    NoFlyff Team!

    Published on: 09-03 12:46

  • Bot using

    We want to remeber you, that Bots are not allowed and will be punished with permanent bans. We currently improve our security systems against bots, the first useres are already baned.
    Published on: 13-02 00:14

  • NoFlyff Fresh Start 10.02.2017 5pm! SERVER ONLINE!!!

    Hey guys,

    we Wipe all characters on Thursday 09.02.2017! (You start with a empty Account)

    Server will be back Online on Friday 10.02.2017 5pm Server Time with the following features:

    • EXP Rate changed from 2 > 3
    • Cheer EXP changed from 2 > 1.1
    • Partner Lvling EXP with another IP from 1.1 > 1.2
    • Droprate of all Dungeons changed from 2 > 2.5
    • Tabbed Inventory
    • New Guild Duel System! (Forum Thread is coming soon)
    • Model change for Weapons now
    • Summer Island is now permanent
    • Collector Field changes
    • Monster Collect system changes
    • World Event System changes
    • Red chip rate increased in Siege
    • Beginner Items changed
    • Green > Ultimate Weapon chance increased by x2
    • Couple Level EXP Increased by x1.5
    • Carnival Event added
    • Guardian, Historic and Angel Dungeon Boss dmg reduced!
    • Dungeon cooldown increased by x2
    • Guild Furniture changed from 7 > 15 days
    • Bubble's EXP Crystal changed from 7 > 15 day
    • Bubble's EXP Crystal added +10% EXP
    • Siege Time changes: Monday: 7pm, Wednesday: 12noon, Thursday: 7pm, Saturday: 12noon! (Server Time)
    • Secret Room Darkon: You can buy now Red Chips for 500k ea
    • More changes coming..

    Vote Points:
    We wipe all Points on Monday 06.02.2017.
    You guys can start voting on Tuesday 07.02.2017!

    Fresh Start Facebook Event:
    You guys can win some nice Prices for the Server Start!! Link: Click Me!!

    Donate Points:
    PayPal & PayGol:
    ~75% of all donate points that were donated after 19 May 2016 will be refunded.You will automatically receive your points on your account.

    ~75% of all donate points that were donated after September 2016 will be refunded.
    You will automatically receive your points on your account.
    Published on: 10-02 15:55

  • Patchnotes 22.07.2017

    Patchnotes: 22.07.2017
    • Weekend Event added (stay online for 120mins and get 1h premium for free)! Link!
    • sharing bug with pickup gold and pick up scroll fixed
    • eat pet renew after teleport
    • GW Arena map changed a bit (removed some movezones and added some stones to remove stun bug)
    • Collector field added to the Event Island for fair collector field events! (You CANT collect there its only for events)
    • Token Exchange shop prices changed!
    • Online Tokens removed!
    Published on: 2017-07-15 22:07

  • Patchnotes 14.07.2017

    • offline vendor system[BETA] will be removed in the next patch, because it crashs our server
    • removed the offline vendor scrolls from IS and from the Donate Shop!
    • Guilds needed for siege changed back to 2!
    • Guild War times fix
    Published on: 2017-07-13 17:10

  • Patchnotes 07.07.2017

    Offline Vendor:
    • No couple effects with offline chars
    • No party with offline chars
    • Offline chars are not counted for guild skills
    • No say to offline chars
    • No buffs to offline chars
    Published on: 2017-07-07 10:19

  • Patchnotes 05.07.2017

    • Offline Vendor system added [BETA] Link!
    • Changes on the dungeon entry system
    • Animus Dungeon droprate increased for Vampire Weapons by 5%!
    • Offline Vendor Scroll 4H [BETA] added to IS for 100 Penya!
    • With Premium you can open a 6h Offline Vendor shop!
    • Crystal Labyrinth objects removed!
    • Premium Level Map changed Link!
    • Changed all monsters on the Premium Map!
    • Increased Penya Rate on the Premium Map!
    • Spawns changed a bit on the Premium Map!
    • Droprate increased by 10 - 15% on the Premium Map!
    • Premium Map monsters changed to lvl 73 - 127!
    After the restart changes:

    • Premium Level Map changed
    • Offline Vendor System fixed
    • Offline Vendor Scroll 2H increased to 4H
    • Premium Players Offline Vendor changed from 4H > 6H
    Published on: 2017-07-05 16:33

  • Patchnotes 30.06.2017

    Patchnotes: 30.06.2017

    • Summer Weekend Event added! Link!
    • dungeon entry fix (already online)
    • You can equip Poster and Arrows in Colosseum now
    • rejoin with dungeon limits fixed
    • Hotkey changer fixed
    • FFA and subexp fixed
    • Event Token Exchanger new Items added and some removed! (New Items: Rare CS Set (M/F), Rare CS Pet and Bike!)
    • Model Shop added to Flaris Mayor!
    • Model Token added to the Donate Shop!
    • Model Token Package added to the Donate Shop! (Model Token + Scroll of Model Change) (Consumable)
    • Donate Shop Scroll of Reversion bundles added! (Scroll of Reversion + Awake Scroll) (Upgrade)
    • Donate Shop Scroll of Reversion´s removed!
    • Animus / Cursed Animus Dungeon Droprate for LG Weapons decreased!
    Published on: 2017-06-30 13:58

  • Summer Weekend Event 22.07.2017 - 23.07.2017

    Start: 22.07.2017 - 23.07.2017

    Cheer EXP x1.5
    DROP x1.5
    PENYA x1.5
    ATK +200
    DEF +200

    Stay 120min Online and get 1h Premium for FREE!

    Summer Catcher Spawn rate x2

    You can drop summer event pieces boxes (very low) in madrigal!
    Published on: 22-07 04:17

  • Forum Event!

    Start: 07.07.2017 - 16.07.2017

    1. Like this thread!
    2. Comment this thread with your ingame name!

    On 16.07.2017 we choose 1 winner!

    Price: (for the winner only)
    One Like = 50 Donate Points!
    One Comment = 50 Donate Points!

    20 Players like the thread = 1k Donate Points
    20 Players comment this thread = 1k Donate Points
    2k Donate Points for the winner!

    Published on: 18-07 10:03

  • Summer Event!

    Begin: 09.06.2017

    Summer Weekend Events:

    10.06.2017 - 11.06.2017 Link!
    15.06.2017 - 18.06.2017 Link!
    24.06.2017 - 25.06.2017 Link!
    01.07.2017 - 02.07.2017 Link!
    08.07.2017 - 09.07.2017 Link!
    15.07.2017 - 16.07.2017 Link!
    22.07.2017 - 23.07.2017 Link!

    Part 1:
    - EXP & Penya Rate x1.5
    - New Lvl up gifts added for the Summer Event! (Permanent CS Set in Lvl 2, Gold Package in Lvl 60, Cloak of Hero in Lvl 80)
    - New Collector Monster spawns in madrigal Collect Summer Event Pieces
    - Trade the Summer Event Pieces for a new Pet, a new Power Up or some Summer Event Boxes [Event Office] Jeff
    - Summer Event Boxes Contains (Summer Event Pieces, Summer Star Candy, New CS Parts, a new CS Pet or a Summer Island Ticket!)

    Part 2:
    - Drop Rate x1.5
    - Exchange Shop expanded! (Scroll of Varity, Summer Island Ticket, New Cloak, Premium..)
    - Event Donate & Vote Shop added! (Cheap Summer Island Ticket, Summer Catcher Pet,..)

    Part 3:

    Summer Event Beginner Items:
    Lv:Item:Amount:Event Item:
    2Permanent Summer CS Set (M/F), 2x Summer Event Candy!1xYes
    60Gold Package: Azria Ticket 7 Days, 6x Ampli Scrolls (ES), 5x Summer Star Candy, 5x Upcut Stone 1x Yes
    80Cloak of Hero: Speed +10%, All Stats +71x Yes

    Summer Title:
    Its too hot for me!Kill 200x Summer Catcher! ATK+1%
    Eat mee!Eat 50x Summer Star Candy!HP+1%

    How it works?
    Kill the Monster on the Summer Island and collect all 9 Title!
    You need all 9 Title to get the Best one!
    1. Title = 1% Monster Damage
    2. Title = 2% Monster Damage
    3. Title = 4% Monster Damage
    4. Title = 5% Monster Damage
    5. Title = 7% Monster Damage
    6. Title = 8% Monster Damage
    7. Title = 10% Monster Damage
    8. Title = 11% Monster Damage
    9. Title = 15% Monster Damage

    More Informations: LINK!
    Published on: 07-07 12:21

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