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  • NoFlyff news :D

    Hey Guys,
    whats new on NoFlyff:

    • 3rd Jobchange Link!
      • Changed skills
      • Changed skill leveling
      • Changed balance
      • Still level cap 121 you need to reset for third jobs
    • Offline Vendor System [BETA]
      • How to use:
      • 1. Open Shop
      • 2. Use Command CreateOfflineNPC (short: con)
      • 3. Have Fun
      • 4. For Closing: RemoveOfflineNPC (short: ron)
    • item linking (Shift + click)

    and much more!

    and NO WIPE!

    Kind regards

    NoFlyff ~ Staff
    Published on: 04-10 11:09

  • Help us grow!

    Hey guys,

    you could help us to bring more players on the server!
    You are in any Flyff forum?

    Please use this in your signature! (Thats my Epvp signature)

    Source Code

    1. [CENTER][IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG]
    2. Register: [URL=""]Click me![/URL]
    3. Homepage: [URL=""]Click me![/URL]
    4. Download: [URL=""]Click me![/URL]
    5. Facebook: [URL=""]Like us![/URL]
    6. Forum: [URL=""]Click me![/URL]
    7. Discord: [URL=""]Join us![/URL][/CENTER]
    Invite your friends to play here or ask old friends to play together again!

    We are buying the other ads like in facebook or votes on the topsites!

    Published on: 29-06 17:10

  • Patchlist Clear!

    Hey guys,

    we cleared the Patchlist! Maybe some Clients are outdated now! please Download the new Client!

    Client: Client Link!

    Thank you!
    Published on: 19-03 07:42

  • Patch List clear

    Hey guys,

    we want to clear our Patchlist and upload a new Client. (You dont have to patch over 6k Patches anymore)

    Please Patch till 16.03.2017 or you have to download the new Client!!

    Thank you :)

    NoFlyff Team!

    Published on: 09-03 12:46

  • Bot using

    We want to remeber you, that Bots are not allowed and will be punished with permanent bans. We currently improve our security systems against bots, the first useres are already baned.
    Published on: 13-02 00:14

  • Patchnotes 13.11.2017

    • Offline NPCs get Names and a new look

    • Some fixes with offline Vendor and User shops at the same time
    • New Invasions Monsters added for the Invasions System (Coming Soon)
    • Halloween Event Removed (Dungeon, Monsters)
    • New Vote Box added to the Vote Shop (1 VP = 1 Box, 4 VP = 5 Boxes)
      • Can Contain: 5x Scroll of Reversion, 2x Scroll of SProtect, 2x Scroll of GProtect, 2x Scroll of AProtect, 2x Scroll of XProtect, Azria Ticket (1day), Drop Scroll (low), Farm Map Ticket (6h), Drop Scroll (high) or a Varity Scroll.

    [NOTE]: Offline Vendor System is still in BETA! You use it at your own RISK and we wont restore any Items!
    Published on: 2017-11-11 13:10

  • Patchnotes 10.11.2017

    • Welcome back Event (11.11.17 - 12.11.17) Link!
    • Beginner Pet fixed
    • Illusion Dungeon Boss Monster DMG reduced by 5%
    • Illusion Dungeon stun rate reduced
    • Offline Vendor System [BETA]
      • How to use:
      • 1. Open Shop
      • 2. Use Command CreateOfflineNPC (short: con)
      • 3. Have Fun
      • 4. For Closing: RemoveOfflineNPC (short: ron)

    [BETA] means use at your own risk.
    Published on: 2017-11-09 14:13

  • Patchnotes 05.11.2017

    • Facebook Like, Share and Comment Event started till 01.12.2017! Link!

    Dropsystem changes:
    • Increased the Droprate of the IP who Lasthit the Boss by x2 (+1 IP drop per run)
    • Chance added to get 2x drops per IP (5% chance to get 2x drops)

    • Added 4 new Quest´s for Legend Level 121
    • Skill Book Quest Part X reward increased to 10 Skill Books!
    • New Skill Book droprate increased by x3 when you do the 3rd job part 1 Quest

    • new Icons for the 3rd Jobs
    • New Beginner Bulldog Pet added in level 2! ( Bulldog with normal Pet Speed!)
    • Beginner Bulldog added to IS for 1000 Penya (A lazy and slow Bulldog Pet)
    • Beginner Premium 3 Days changed to Premium 14 Days (Level 2)
    • Beginner Premium Pick Up Scroll 3 Days changed to Pick Up Scroll 14 Days (Level 2)
    • Forsaken Paradise Mid Bosses are Bigger now
    • Scroll of Reduction B price reduced to 10.000.000 Penya
    • Scroll of Reduction A price reduced to 20.000.000 Penya
    • Item Transy A price reduced to 5.000.000 Penya
    • Modern Furniture Set added to the Level Up Gift (Level 60)
    • 20x Scroll of Awakening added to the Level Up Gift (Level 40)
    Published on: 2017-11-02 14:11

  • Patchnotes 01.11.2017

    • Skill Book Quest reward increased to 3 Random Skill Book Boxes ( 1 > 3 )
    • Skill Book Quest lvl 121+ reward increased to 8 Random Skill Book Boxes ( 3 > 8 )(You can repeat this quest every time)
    • 3rd Class Skills Level Up with Skill Books needed increased to 3 ( 1 > 3)
    Dungeon Changes:

    • Masquerade Wood Guardian Weapon drop chance increased by 150%
    • Pipe Town Historic Weapon drop chance increased by 130%
    • Forgotten Ice Paradise Angel Weapon drop chance increased by 100%
    • Wondermine Legendary Golden Weapon drop chance increased by 80%
    • Animus Vampire Weapon drop chance increased by 2.5%
    • Cursed Animus Ancient Weapon drop chance increased by 2%

    Other Changes:

    • Zombie Parts (Leg, Arm, Head, Chest) changed to the Quest Item Tab in your Inventory
    • Zombie Hunter Token changed to the Quest Item Tab in your Inventory
    • Pumpkin changed to the Quest Item Tab in your Inventory
    • Rare Pumpkin changed to the Quest Item Tab in your Inventory
    • Asmodeus Skill Changed (Level 10: Knuckle DMG +180, Hit Rate +8%)

    New Title added:

    • YouTuber Titel ( EXP +10% )
    • Streamer Titel ( EXP +10% )
    Published on: 2017-11-01 06:18

  • NoFlyff Welcome back Event!


    11.11.2017 + 12.11.2017

    EXP x3
    DROP x3
    PENYA x3

    Beginner Items:
    Lvl 100 reward: Dragon Cloak of the Adept (All Stats +7 and Speed +15%)

    5% Chance to drop a Gift Box!

    Best Items in the Gift Box:
    Flask´s, Sunstones, Moonstones, Balloons, Party Scrolls (15 Day), Full Shout (15 Day), Upgrade Scrolls, Power Ups (Activition, Refresher Hold, Vital Drink X, Upcut Stone)

    Published on: 10-11 14:28

  • Open a shop event!

    We admins check every day all shops.
    We give away every week 1k dps!
    You only have to open a shop in Flaris and stay some time online!
    We pick 1 -2 shops and share the 1k dps to them!

    Good Luck!
    Published on: 05-11 13:18

  • Like, Share & Comment Facebook Event!

    Facebook Like, Share & Comment Event!

    What´s the Price?
    1. Place = 2k Donate Points + 9x Drop Scroll HIGH
    2. Place = 1.5k Donate Points + 4x Drop Scroll HIGH
    3. Place = 1k Donate Points + 1x Drop Scroll HIGH
    Last comment = 1k Donate Points + 5x Drop Scroll HIGH

    How can I participate?
    Like, Share & Comment this LINK!!<-- Yes thats all! :D

    Event is till 1.12.2017 11:59pm! (GMT +2)
    We pick 3 random peoples who win after the Event end´s.
    Published on: 03-11 18:42

  • NoFlyff Halloween Event

    Hey guys,

    Our Halloween Event starts soon!

    NoFlyff's Halloween Event starts on October 14. (14.10.16)

    The Event will contain the following;

    EXP Event: x2
    Penya Event: x2
    Drop Event: x2

    Stay 20min Online!

    New Beginner Items:
    2Skeleton Beginner CS Set (M/F)1x
    2 / 60 / 120Halloween Super Cotton Candy2x
    5 / 60 / 120Red Scroll 15 Days1x
    2 / 60Premium 14 Days1x

    New Title´s:

    There have been spottings of scary Pumpkins all over madrigal. Help us defend the citizens and redeem various rewards!

    Every minion has a boss they must answer to. The Pumpkins must have leaders to tell them what to do. Thanks to the great explorers of NoFlyff, we have found various leaders around Madrigal that can be slain for rewards! They are extremely beefy but are weak for leaders (High Hp, Low Damage). Ofcourse, since they are leaders, they have a higher chance of dropping the Rare Pumpkins as a reward.

    Lvl 60 Giant:

    HP: 6.000.000
    Drops: Pumpkins and Rare Pumpkins

    Lvl 120 Giant:

    HP: 60.000.000
    Drops: Pumpkins and Rare Pumpkins

    Madrigal thanks all of it's warriors for helping them defend the world! To pay respect to all of the participants, based on how many enemy pumpkins they have slain, they can redeem their killings for rewards!


    the % on the end of every Item is the Exchange chance! (All items are 100% but the Rare Pumpkin Exchanges' are 5% and 60%)

    It can't be a Halloween without any candy. You can collect various types of Cotton Candy in the collection fields all over madrigal!

    You can collect Arms, Legs and Skull´s in the Zombie Town! (Pumpkin Town)
    (You can change them to Pumpkin´s)

    A new Beginner CS Set is waiting for you in this time.

    Stay 20mins Online to get 1x Zombie Box!
    (Contains Zombie Arm´s, leg´s and with some luck a Skull!)

    Eat 50x Halloween Super Cotton Candy to get the Sweet Dreams Title! (Atk rate +1%)

    Kill 25x The Zombie Boss to get the Master of Halloween Title! (HP rate +1%)

    Halloween Dungeon:
    You can find the Entrance in the old Pumpkin Town in Saint Morning!

    Here you can drop Zombie Hunter Token´s.

    You can trade the Zombie Hunter Token´s for 2 strong Cloaks!

    Published on: 21-10 11:17

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