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§ 1 - General

(1) These rules were established by agreement between the server line. Occasional changes are immediately valid and obligatory for all players.
(2) The player is obliged to regularly inform about the timeliness of the rules. As a result, a player may be penalized for an infringement even in ignorance of a rule.
(3) With the account registration on this server you accept automatically all current and to a limited degree, all still following rules.
(4) The player is therefore encouraged to behave according to our rules on the one hand, on the other hand to report any violations of the rules.
(5) If an admin or a Gamemaster talks to you, you have to answer him.

§ 2 - Punish

(1) We always strive for a peaceful and respectful community. This means that we want to largely forego penalties and that these same be applied only as a last possible step from us.
(2) The fines imposed by us penalties against individual players or groups of players are always justified and adapted to the severity of the infraction accordingly.
(3) Possible punishments are: Temporary / permanent deactivation Chat, Games expulsion, temporary / permanent exclusion game.
(4) During the punishment of all is void on account and automatically, which everything is connected with it.

§ 3 - Account

(1) All accounts and their contents are the property of the server.
(2) We reserve due to this fact, the right to take over temporarily with reasonable suspicion of a rule violation the account of a user and to review with regard to the suspicion.
To share your account data is not allowed.

§ 4 - Social

(1) We want on our server a friendly, social interaction between the players.
(2) It is therefore not allowed to harass other players, to denounce, expose to threaten mental / physical violence or similar - regardless of whether via the in-game chat, forum or in various VoIP services .
(3) Any spam is prohibited.
(3) a This also spamming and the Flemish part of the Shout.
(4) stir up trouble, and users will incite punished with an immediate ban.

§ 5 - Team members

(1) Gerde opposite team members is a polite, factual and above all honest behavior adequately, so you can be helped quickly.
(2) Just surrender never as a team member if you are not.
(3) Draw no personal benefit from the service offered by you help with the pretext that supposedly know a team member.
(4) harass a team member with Item and / or Penyawünschen; The only question then may be punished under certain circumstances.

§ 6 - You lost a Item?

(1) Basically, any items returned, is at the loss of players to blame. This means that no items will be refunded in the following cases:
- Rollbacks / server crashes
- Fraud by trading / exchange and the like
- Item accidentally deleted / sold (at the wrong price)
- Scrolls led to the destruction of the item
- Loss through the ingame mail
- Item was in the guild warehouse
- Compromised Account

§ 7 - Drop-, Item- and KS

(1) Drop-/Itemdiebstahl (so-called "looting") is strictly prohibited.
(2) It is likewise to refrain from the monsters who just fought another player to attack intentionally and without the consent of the struggling player.

§ 8 - Scaming

(1) The player is obliged every exchange and / or trade, which he received with another player to check in advance. If there is a fraud of the trading partner, so this is done by their own recklessness and therefore at your own risk - it is finally your items, so there is a regular settlement of trades in the player's responsibility.
(2) According to the above article there will be no refund in such a case of fraud.
(3) Should happen a scam and trace the item it is in the discretion of the GMs or admins to decide how he acts or what penalties it distributes.

§ 9 - Accountsharing

(1) You can share your account at your own risk with other players.
(2) If your account damage inflicted by a co user, so there will be no refund of the loss on our part. This applies to both items and donate points.

§ 10 - Donate / Account

(1) It is forbidden to an account, items, Donations points or other virtual goods to sell to a third person or to change it. The latter for item excludes any other services that are not associated with real money in connection with a.

(2) To sell, buy, or do anyting else for real money is not allowed!
(3) To trade or exchange Items from NoFlyff outsite this Server is not allowed!

§ 11 - Bug-/Exploitnutzung, Duping

(1) Bugs should always timely either a team member, are reported in the forum or via our ticket system.
(2) (Off) benefit of bugs is strictly prohibited, as is the use of exploits or automation mechanisms is prohibited.
(3) Programme und Tools, die einen unrechtmäßigen Vorteil verschaffen, sind ebenfalls nicht erlaubt.
(4) Auch ist Duping untersagt.
(5) AFK farming is not allowed!
(6)Farming against the normal way of playing is not allowed and will be proofed in every case separately

§ 12 - Other prohibitions

(1) Deliberate manipulation of the Lord election are prohibited.
(2) Taking advantage of our Vote system is strictly prohibited. Under exploitation is to be understood that players indeed reap the Vote points, but not abgestimmen on the relevant Toplistenseite for us.
(3) It is prohibited to avoid a permanent exclusion from the game by creating a new account is created. Such is uncovered, then the newly created account because of serious violation, which resulted in the foregoing account for permanent exclusion also excluded from the game.